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Don’t Limit Or Lose Mobility! Here Are The Best Pads For Leg And Knee Pain

02/20/2024 01:00 PM By Rob Berman

Suffering from pain in the knees and/or legs can lead to serious consequences.  In addition to making it hard to get a good night’s sleep, pain can also negatively impact knee and leg function and therefore, mobility — making even simple everyday tasks more difficult to accomplish.  And pain and difficulty with walking may also impact one’s ability to drive, which in turn, may reduce personal freedom and one’s quality of life.

Drugs Only Mask Pain

If you suffer from pain in the leg(s) and/or knee(s) (or have patients who do) why be locked into a constant routine of temporary relief from over-the-counter pain medications, or face the risks of potentially addictive prescription drugs?  Taking these medications, especially opioids, only masks the pain while never addressing its root cause, and can come with a distressing amount of side effects.  So what is a much better approach?

Try Red Light/Infrared Therapy

Red Light/Infrared Therapy is a safe, dependable, non-invasive, and painless healing modality that can not only provide fast and effective pain relief without the side effects and risks of pharmaceuticals, but also healing support to help alleviate the cause of the pain —potentially leading to permanent relief.

Whether the pain is caused by injury, infection, or inflammation (as in the case of osteoarthritis in the knee), studies have found that Red Light and Infrared Therapy can help relieve pain, reduce swelling and stiffness, and stimulate and accelerate healing in a wide range of knee and leg issues. Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy can be depended upon to increase circulation and reduce pain and inflammation in the local area where the light therapy pads are placed. Red Light/Infrared Therapy is extremely easy and simple to administer, and has “an almost complete lack of reported adverse effects...”  

Best Pads for Knee and/or Leg Therapy

With all the many shapes and sizes of Light Therapy pads now available, you may wonder what pads are best for treating the knee and/or leg.  As a general rule, Light Therapy pads should cover the entire area where pain relief and healing support are needed. Energia Medical offersthree pads that are perfect for treating the knee and/or leg: the Large 264 Body Pad; the Long 180 Pad; and the 96 Knee/ Shoulder/Elbow Pad.  Here is what each pad offers:

Light Therapy Pad FeaturesEnergia Medical’s Large 264 Body PadEnergia Medical’s Long 180 PadEnergia Medical’s 96 Knee, Shoulder and Elbow Pad
Number of Diodes26418096
Red Diodes1208048
Infrared Diodes14410048
Standard Wavelengths of Red (660nm) and Infrared (850nm)YesYesYes
Pad Output Per 20 Minutes10,483 joules6,480 joules3,740 joules
Measurements8” x 15”5” x 16”12.6” X 11.7”
Designed For:Perfect for placing over or under, or wrapping around the knee, and can also be wrapped around the calf, thigh, or ankle.  (Can also treat hands, chest, entire back, shoulder, hip, and upper and lower arm.)Great for wrapping around a knee, a leg, or a thigh. Can be used vertically from the knee and down the leg, or from the knee up to the thigh. When used horizontally, can treat both legs or both thighs at front or back simultaneously.  (Can also be wrapped around elbows; feet; arms; wrists; and ankles to treat all sides at once.)Specifically designed to wrap around the knee, shoulder or  elbow. Built in straps.   .
WarrantyTwo yearTwo yearTwo years

In Conclusion

Knee and leg pain do not have to affect your mobility and limit your quality of life. For effective pain relief, look no further than Red Light/Infrared Therapy. Whether you yourself are tired of suffering from knee or leg pain, or if you want to provide quick and dependable pain relief to your patients, Energia Medical provides the best quality, most durable, and most powerful clinical-strength LED-powered Red Light Therapy systems available in today’s marketplace. Their wide range of Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy systems will successfully meet the needs of any individual or family, or any size health practice. ContactEnergia Medical, LLC at 833-429-4040 or by email at info@energiamedical.com.  


Hamblin, Michael R. “Mechanisms and applications of the anti-inflammatory effects of photobiomodulation.” AIMS biophysics vol. 4,3 (2017): 337-361. doi:10.3934/biophy.2017.3.337, p. 14.

Rob Berman

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