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How Does It Work?

Light Therapy works by increasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis in the mitochondria, activating the electron transport system, and many other biochemical and biophysical reactions in the tissue.


Relief is possible with Energia Medical 

Decades of research have found that certain wavelengths of life within the red and infrared bands can be beneficial to living tissue.    


We invite you to dive into our Science section, where you will find a collection of scientific studies that explore in depth the mechanisms and benefits of light therapy. 

The Science

Our light therapy pads

Harness the power of advanced LED technology to deliver targeted light wavelengths directly to your skin. 

This process, known as photobiomodulation, involves the application of specific light frequencies that penetrate deep into your tissues to stimulate cellular activity. By using our pads, you benefit from a non-invasive, drug-free approach to relief. 

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We invite you to explore our articles and detailed studies on light therapy. Discover the science behind our products and how they can improve your well-being.

eBooks & Articles

We are pleased to invite you to dive into our collection of articles and eBooks specially designed to give you a deep and detailed understanding of light therapy and its many applications.

eBooks & Articles
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